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My Latest Gadget: An Electric Bike and Many Accessories

A couple months ago, I picked up a new bike, and it has turned out to be an excuse to pick up a bunch of other related gadgets as well. Score! I thought it would be fun to write down what all these gadgets were and share my successes and challenges with them. Warning: This post turned out to be very long. To help you decide if it is worth slogging through this post, here... »

Bootstrap + Knockout: Toggle Button Bindings

I am in the middle of an overhaul of the TrendWeight user dashboards, and as part of that project, I found myself looking for ways to bring Bootstrap button groups and Knockout together in peace and harmony. In other words, when someone clicks on one of the buttons in the radio button group, I need the associated observable on the ViewModel to be updated with the value associated with that particular radio button. My first... »

Knockout Samples in CoffeeScript

In my last post, I talked about my initial experiments with using Knockout with CoffeeScript. In this post, I want to share the results of my conversions of several of the standard Knockout samples. As someone said in my first post, this stuff isn't exactly rocket science. On the other hand, I know I often learn new tech more quickly by looking at other people's sample code, so I'm putting these here in case someone... »

CoffeeScript and Knockout: Hello, World!

I recently decided to try my hand at writing some CoffeeScript, and since a lot of my web development uses Knockout, I was curious if the two would play nicely together. It turns out that they fit together very well. Let's start with the standard Hello, World example. Hit the link for the full example if you're not familiar with it. Here, I'm only going to focus on the script. Here is the CoffeeScript version... »

FitBit Zip: Worth Another Look?

FitBit announced two new trackers today: the FitBit Zip and the FitBit One. The FitBit One appears to just be an iteration of the previous FitBit trackers. It adds a wake-up-via-vibration alarm clock and it syncs with Bluetooth 4.0 instead of syncing via a proprietary dock. Nice improvements, for sure, but the One appears to no longer come with a dock to facilitate easy charging. The FitBit Zip is a new product. It's different... »