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Withings Status Update

Update: I have not forgotten about this. The development changes are more or less done but one part is not working well so I need a few more days as I am juggling this and my day job. Sorry. As many of you have noticed, TrendWeight is not working with Withings/Nokia scales at the moment.  Withings changed their API this week and I will have to update TrendWeight to conform to the new requirements.... »

Withings is Now Nokia

About a year ago, Nokia (the cell phone guys) purchased Withings (the health gadget guys). You can read more about the changes on the Nokia Health Blog. As of today, Nokia finalized the rebranding of all the old Withings products, websites, and apps. The Withings Body Scale is now the Nokia Body Scale, etc. If you go to the old Withings website to see your dashboard, you'll now get sent to the Nokia Health site... »

Meta Post: Goodbye, DocPad. Hello, Ghost.

I haven't made a post to my blog in a long time. Part of that is because I just not had many cases where I had something interesting to say. However, the largest reason was that my blogging engine had gotten stale. My DocPad Dilemma Until recently, my blog was generated by DocPad. DocPad was (still is) a decent engine for static site generation, but as time marched on, the version of DocPad I was... »

What's New With TrendWeight?

It's been a while since I posted any update on TrendWeight and so I want to take a moment at the start of a new year to share the latest... New Features? So what new stuff is coming for TrendWeight? The short answer is: not much. More or less, TrendWeight has all of the features that I want it to have (i.e. it's pretty close to "done".) I know many of you... »

Bitcoin Mining With 240V

I don't actively do any bitcoin mining anymore, but I'm leaving this here for historical purposes. Also, the information is still useful for running other kinds of computers at 240V. I have two CoinTerra TerraMiner IVs on order, one in the December batch and one in the March batch. As the December batch orders are now shipping, I spent the past week planning for the device's arrival and wanted to share the details for others... »