I haven't made a post to my blog in a long time. Part of that is because I just not had many cases where I had something interesting to say. However, the largest reason was that my blogging engine had gotten stale.

My DocPad Dilemma

Until recently, my blog was generated by DocPad. DocPad was (still is) a decent engine for static site generation, but as time marched on, the version of DocPad I was using got older and older. At some point, it stopped working with recent versions of NodeJS. Why didn't I just upgrade to the latest version of DocPad? Well, I had made several customizations to DocPad in order to bend it to my will, and those customizations weren't compatible with recent versions of DocPad. Catch-22.

So the few times that I did have something I would have been interested in writing, the effort required to make the post was high enough that I didn't bother.

Enter Ghost

So as I was on vacation over the holidays at the end of 2016, I finally decided to do something about this. I looked at the latest version of DocPad. I also looked at lots of other static site generators. In the end, I decided that I didn't really want to repeat the process I had already gone though twice (once with DocPad and once with Octopress). Those were fun experiences at the time, but I'm at a point where I don't enjoy that kind of tinkering as much anymore. I'd rather spend my time tinkering with things like ReactJS and TypeScript on the client-side.

So then I started looking at and eventually settled on Ghost. It has the features that I want, and it still uses markdown for writing content. This meant that migrating my content from DocPad (which also uses markdown) was relatively painless. The only two things I really had to do was to fix links to my other blog posts (the url format changed slightly), and to fix references to images (they also had slightly different URLs).

The one thing I did spend some time on was customizing the theme. I started with the Lanyon theme and adjusted it to my liking. In particular, I added support for syntax highlighting in code blocks via Prism.

So, I'm no longer in the business of maintaining my own customized blog engine, which hopefully means the barrier to posting things has dropped. I have a couple draft posts tee-d up related to some tinkering I'm doing with React, TypeScript and MobX that I hope to get out the door in near future.