I am a gadget and electronics pack rat. Every once in a while, I get motivated to clean our my house of useful, but no longer used, stuff. This time, I turned that project into an excuse to play with a new tool: DocPad.

DocPad is a NodeJS application that generates web sites from simple files on your hard drive. If you are familiar with Jekyll, it's kind of like that, but uses NodeJS instead of Ruby.

I used it to create a static "Virtual Rummage Sale" website that I used to advertise all the stuff I had for sale. In the end, the sale was a great success, and the project was fun.

The underlying project is still a work in progress. I am collaborating with a friend at work who is helping to make the look-and-feel of the generated site easier to control so that you can make your own site and easily have a unique look and feel. That 2.0 version should be available some time over the next several weeks, but in the mean time, you can check out the 1.0 version today.

Check out the demo site.

The source code, and more information on how to get it up and running are here. If you have questions, email me or post a comment below.