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Heart Failure: Tracking Weight Changes

Note: There is a discussion of a new TrendWeight feature eventually in this post, but it is preceded by a bit more of my personal story than I normally share. If you have or know someone that has heart failure or CHF, I encourage you to keep reading even though this is long. If you don't, you probably won't care about this new feature and so can skip reading this post if you like. Sometimes... »

Major Update: Body Fat Tracking is Here

I just released a new version of TrendWeight that includes a bunch of changes: Body fat tracking Decent mobile support for more devices Configurable day start Access to raw scale readings Lots of behind the scenes improvements Also, I'll take this opportunity to apologize in advance. This update involved a nearly complete rewrite of the user dashboard (the page with the chart and the stats). I probably broke a lot of things in the process.... »

Day-to-Day Weight Fluctuations and Mental Stress

A common question on various weight loss forums I see is, "How often should I weigh myself?" There are lots of reasonable answers to that question, but I tend to favor "Every Day" as the best answer, but there is a catch! If you don't want to go insane, you absolutely must ignore what the scale says each day and only look at the trend over time. What does that mean?... »

Minor Updates for FitBit Users

I just pushed out a minor update that applies mostly to users who have FitBit scales. A few of you have noticed that when you delete a weight reading on the FitBit website, it doesn't seem to get removed from your TrendWeight charts. That has changed as of tonight. The problem is that when TrendWeight asks the FitBit website for your new weight data, the FitBit website doesn't give any indication that you have deleted... »

What's Next for TrendWeight?

Glad you asked. I have two features I have on my short list of features I'd like to work on next. I don't go to sleep at midnight... As you may have discovered, TrendWeight uses the first weigh-in of each day in its calculations and ignores the rest. I'd like to better support those of you that stay up past midnight and would like to be able to weigh yourself before you go to bed... »