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Withings is Now Nokia

About a year ago, Nokia (the cell phone guys) purchased Withings (the health gadget guys). You can read more about the changes on the Nokia Health Blog. As of today, Nokia finalized the rebranding of all the old Withings products, websites, and apps. The Withings Body Scale is now the Nokia Body Scale, etc. If you go to the old Withings website to see your dashboard, you'll now get sent to the Nokia Health site... »

What's New With TrendWeight?

It's been a while since I posted any update on TrendWeight and so I want to take a moment at the start of a new year to share the latest... New Features? So what new stuff is coming for TrendWeight? The short answer is: not much. More or less, TrendWeight has all of the features that I want it to have (i.e. it's pretty close to "done".) I know many of you... »

FitBit Rounding Error

A long-standing mystery has finally been solved... Short Version: If your TrendWeight account is connected to Fitbit, and you don't use the metric system (kilograms), you may have noticed that the actual weights shown on TrendWeight were often different from the weights show on fitbit.com by 0.1 - 0.2 pounds. This doesn't happen anymore. Long Version: Sometimes Trendweight shows my actual scale weight as 0.1 lb higher or lower than what... »

iOS 7+ and TrendWeight

I have gotten several reports of problems with using TrendWeight on iOS7 devices. Most commonly, I hear that TrendWeight seems to force you to login every time you open the site. The underlying issue seems to be a bug or a series of bugs in Safari/iOS7 related to storing cookies. This Apple bug appears to affect all web apps, and not just TrendWeight, and other people are also reporting problems with iOS7 on this... »

Dealing with Lots of Historical Data

So, a TrendWeight user contacted me this week to let me know he was getting an error about the FitBit website not working. It happened right after he loaded 10 years worth of historical data into FitBit and changed his TrendWeight start date to a date in 2013. At the same time that the email from this user arrived in my inbox, I also received an automated email from FitBit telling me that a user... »