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Octopress Customizations

Note: The blog you are reading right now is no longer generated by Octopress. What you will read below is still useful if you're interested in Octopress, but you should not try to correlate what it talks about with the HTML/JavaScript you're seeing on the blog today. They won't match up exactly. This is a very long post, but I wanted to capture the essence of all of the functional changes I made as... »

Octopress + Windows Azure Web Sites

Why? Why not! I'm a fan of Azure and wanted to see if it would work well with their git publishing. It turns out that publishing to an Azure Web Site via git is pretty much like publishing to Github Pages. How? The built in rake setup_github_pages won't work, so you'll have to do what would have done manually, but that's not too hard. First, while in the top level folder for your... »