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Bitcoin Mining With 240V

I don't actively do any bitcoin mining anymore, but I'm leaving this here for historical purposes. Also, the information is still useful for running other kinds of computers at 240V. I have two CoinTerra TerraMiner IVs on order, one in the December batch and one in the March batch. As the December batch orders are now shipping, I spent the past week planning for the device's arrival and wanted to share the details for others... »

Bitcoin Command: A Mining & Wallet Management Web App

I don't actively do any bitcoin mining anymore, so I don't know that this app would be useful in the contemporary mining world, but I'm leaving it here for historical purposes. This is one of two posts about my Bitcoin Command app. The first post (this post) focuses on the actual functionality of the app and will be of interest mostly to other Bitcoin miners. The second post focuses on the technology I used to... »

My Latest Gadget: An Electric Bike and Many Accessories

A couple months ago, I picked up a new bike, and it has turned out to be an excuse to pick up a bunch of other related gadgets as well. Score! I thought it would be fun to write down what all these gadgets were and share my successes and challenges with them. Warning: This post turned out to be very long. To help you decide if it is worth slogging through this post, here... »

FitBit Zip: Worth Another Look?

FitBit announced two new trackers today: the FitBit Zip and the FitBit One. The FitBit One appears to just be an iteration of the previous FitBit trackers. It adds a wake-up-via-vibration alarm clock and it syncs with Bluetooth 4.0 instead of syncing via a proprietary dock. Nice improvements, for sure, but the One appears to no longer come with a dock to facilitate easy charging. The FitBit Zip is a new product. It's different... »

"Fixing" Slow Wake for MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display

My main machine is a MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display. I carry it at work every day and use it on and off throughout the day, mostly in meetings. At home, I use it connected to a 27 inch Thunderbolt Display which powers the laptop and charges the battery. I love almost everything about this laptop. The one thing that has been getting on my nerves is that it is often painfully slow to wake... »